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This is the hardest part, isn’t it? I should have my husband write this because he can go on and on about me to the point where I squirm and blush and make up reasons to go make myself busy elsewhere. I avoid talking about myself whenever possible, but I suppose if I’m going to make this dream a reality, I’m going to have to start somewhere. Shall I launch into the first of my collection of favorite quotes? It’s from Mary Poppins, and it goes through my head on the daily.

“It’s always best to start at the beginning.”

So, this is it. Me. I’m going to talk about me. (Imagine that I’m procrastinating for hours now)

Me: Mom, wife, mimi

Here I go. I’m 48 (at this point), I live in “farmburbia” about 45 minutes to 3.5 hours outside of Chicago, depending on what time you’re traveling. I have 5 kids that grew inside of me, and 3 that were a bonus of marrying my husband, who by the way, is my #1 fan, and the reason I finally have the courage to begin. I’m also a Mimi to the cutest little 4-year-old boy on the planet, and I’m not just playing favorites. He’s delicious!

Me: Writer and dreamer

I think a lot of writers probably say they always knew they wanted to be a writer. This is true for me, as well. I found an old photo album that my aunt put together for me, and right on the inside cover I wrote “Future Author” with an arrow pointing to it from where I’d written “Dream”. Funny thing is, while I was busy surviving life, I’d forgotten this dream until recently when I’d found this scrapbook in my office, flipped open the front cover, and in that moment, made a promise to that young girl full of dreams and loopy handwriting.

I write for a living — marketing copy for a large education publishing company — so if I wanted to be lazy, I could just tell that young dreamer that my job here is done… but unfortunately for my future leisure plans and sanity until I finish my book, no one has ever described me as lazy. And here we are.

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