Word And Phrase Differences

Learning the language is important so our insights are wider, and we often make a point between words and phrases. Some people are different and some say they are the same. Simply put, ‘word’ is a grammatical unit that can still be divided into smaller units. While the phrase is the unity of words born of two or more words. To understand the deeper phrases, please read the reviews that will be presented this time. Because on this occasion will discuss understanding the phrases that are very important for you to know. Phrases in French are referred to as frases.

Phrase According To Experts

In general phrases or frases can be defined as grammatical units consisting of two or more words that do not exceed the function limit, meaning that the two words only occupy the one-sentence position. Below are the terms or phrases according to the experts. According Keraf (1984: 138) phrase is a unit of construction consisting of two more words that form a unity. According to Chair (1991: 222), he defines the phrase as a grammatical unit in the form of a combination of words that are non-predictive or also called a combination of words that fill one of the syntax functions in the sentence. According to Prof. M. Ramlan (2001: 139), the phrase is a grammatical unit consisting of two or more words and does not exceed a position. This means as much as any such word if it does not exceed the position on the sentence of the subject, predicate, object, and description then it can still be called a phrase.

That is some expert view about phrase definition. Phrase or frases is a composite of two words or sentences that do not exceed the limit function. Much can be learned in language, phrases are just one of many things you can learn. Expand insights by reading and also learning with experts in their fields. That way you can also share the knowledge you get to others and become a useful person for others.