Tips To Avoid Cold Or Flu

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Health tipsCold or flu is one of the most common illness in this world. Nearly everyone can contract this illness, and it is pretty common. It is quite hard to avoid it, especially if you have a bad health condition and immunity system. Although cold or flu isn’t really a serious illness and can be treated right away easily, Flu can be quite dangerous too. Flu can be hazardous for our body if we didn’t take a quick care and medication. If flu didn’t take quick care, and you prolong the flu and cold, you can get a more serious disease like TBC, severe cold, and much more. If you feel weaker, your body is cold, coughing, stuffed nose and feel a headache, this is probably you have caught the flu. It is better to quickly to take care of it. But keep it in mind, that prevention is always better than curing it.

How To Avoid Cold Or Flu Easily?

Before knowing on how to get rid of this illness, you need to know what causes it. Flu or cold is caused by Influenza virus that infecting our respiration system. Influenza virus is a common virus, and it is pretty hard to avoid it if you have a bad health condition. Influenza virus is a highly adaptive virus with high survival rate. They can evolve themselves in order to avoid our body immunity defense, infiltrating our defense and then infecting our body. This virus is spread through the air, so you need to watch out if you are around people who caught a cold.

To avoid getting cold or flu, it is pretty simple. Firstly, you will need to build up your body immunity system. Improve your body immunity system by eating healthy, exercising and don’t forget to rest. If you are in cold season, where it is easy to catch a cold, you will need to warm up your body. Wear something warm like the jacket, sweater, shawl, and gloves when getting out, make sure you are hydrated by drinking a lot of water, and try to eat or drink something warm like soup or tea.