The Good News For Odyssey Fan

2018 Honda

2018 Honda

Honda fan absolutely knows the Odyssey as it is a member of minivan family. Its design, specs, and price attract lots of customers since it first launched. As we all know that the Honda Company will never bring their customers down, they promised to improve their products to compete in the automobile market and of course for the customers’ sake. The next generation in 2018 is proof of their improvement that you can witness. So, it’s important to see the review below.

The Coolest Update In The Next 2018 Honda Odyssey

Even the 2018 Honda Odyssey is not officially released yet, the rumors about what this car brings have been going around quite well. First of all, let’s start this review with the exterior. The changes that the exterior brings is not quite significant. However, it doesn’t make Odyssey any less as it appears with more stylish and sportier look with a bug LED headlights and a new grill. It has a lighter weight compared to the latest version. The weight is only 500 pounds due to the aluminum materials that used for the exterior. The interior, the Odyssey offers some updated stuff such as a new magic slide 2nd-row seat. It is way more useful to reconfiguration. Cabin watch with a camera to allow you check the second row, digital driving aids, and the high-quality speaker system appear to be the additional features. Well, we are proud to say that both exterior and interior design are satisfying.

Not a lot different from the latest version, the next generation of Odyssey is still powered by the 3.5-liter engine with earth dream tech. Based on some news, this car will also available in a hybrid version. You will witness it yourself when the Honda Odyssey is officially released. As Odyssey comes with some variants, the price will be different for each one. For any related info, kindly check