Get The File With Mp3 Converter

youtube mp3How to get the mp3 file from YouTube? You must be always wandering about how you can do this kind of stuff. But, you don’t have to worry, because there is a way that could make this all possible and of course this will give you something that could help make your life easier, especially when you looking for YouTube to mp3 converter, because in this article we will talk about how you can convert the video from YouTube to the mp3 format and you don’t have to be afraid, because this thing will be free of charge. But, you need to pay lots of attention though to make you can understand how you can do this stuff without confusing yourself.

Step By Step To Youtube To Mp3

In fact, to do this you won’t have a rough time though because it’s very easy to do and you will complete it less than 15 minutes. But, you need to know about the steps that you need to do first. Well, to this day, might be your lucky day, because we will give you step by step instruction that will help you do the YouTube to mp3 kind of thing faster and easy. Here are the following steps that you need to know.

  1. Open the YouTube
  2. Search the video that you like
  3. Copy the link of the video
  4. Open the new tab
  5. Open the converter site
  6. Paste the link on the box
  7. Click the blue button the right
  8. And you only need to wait till the conversion is done

That’s how you can do the YouTube to mp3 trick and of course, it’s very simple right? You will not waste your time either. So, if you want to keep your favorite song on YouTube without having a rough time, this could be the best way for you.