What Cause Earthquake And Other?

what causes earthquakesNowadays, people still do not know what cause earthquake and other natural disasters. There are many natural causes of earthquakes. Earthquakes that happened around the world are mostly caused by tectonic events such as the shift of tectonic plates. The shifting of earth tectonic plates can result in friction which causes the ground above to shake. Tectonic earthquakes are also commonly caused by the sudden movement of the tectonic mantles. The other usual natural cause of earthquakes is volcanic eruptions. Uniquely, volcanic eruptions may also be triggered by a tectonic earthquake. Earthquakes that occur below the sea can cause another disaster which is called a tsunami. Tsunami is a highly devastating wave which can destroy everything on the beaches. Thus, it is highly recommended for the resident on the beaches to evacuate themselves after an earthquake attack.

What Cause Earthquakes?

What cause earthquake around the world? In advanced Asian countries such as Japan, people are often thought and educated about the danger of natural disasters such as earthquakes. It is important to train people in a disaster simulation so they know the right thing to do in case of dangerous disasters. Thus, people can survive natural disasters and reduce the damage and casualties. It is also crucial to keep your distance from beaches after an earthquake attack. Since a tsunami usually occurs after an earthquake.

Earthquake, landslide, and tsunami are very dangerous. Therefore, people must be very cautious and they have to prepare themselves in the case of an earthquake attack. People must be trained and educated so they can be ready to face unexpected natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunami. If the residents are trained and well educated to face earthquakes or other natural disasters, the damage and casualties can be reduced significantly. Hopefully, this article answers your questions about what cause earthquake and some other natural disaster tips.