This Is The Easiest Way Of How To See Your Blocked List On Facebook

How to see blocked list facebookYou have your life in organic society, and you also have your fun life in the virtual community. That is how your life is now, especially for the ones who own Facebook account. The Facebook has been one of the largest company in social media platform. There are lots of people who are looking for fun here. But, there are also some people who are annoying. So, you have to know how to see your blocked list on Facebook. This will help you a lot in making your Facebook account to be safe from any inconvenience. Here are the steps for it.

Easy Steps On How To See Your Blocked List On Facebook

When you use Facebook, you will need to know how to get away from toxic people around. You will need to know how to see your blocked list on Facebook so that you can manage and sort the people you don’t want to interact on Facebook. The first thing you need to do is, of course, logging in to your account. From your account, you can go to Settings. The Settings can be seen as the gear icon shape. You will see some menus, and you can click on the Personal Privacy Settings. In this setting, you can go for clicking the Stopping.

After you clicked the Stopping, you will see some groups. The groups contain different things and category. The first is the Blocked Users, which refers to the ones who will be blocked entirely and cannot get access to see your profile. The second is Block App Welcomes. This is the category where you block people so they cannot send you app or game requests. The third is Block Occasions Welcomes. Here, you will block people who send you invitations to events. The last is Blocked Apps, where you block apps from sending you notifications or requests. Now, you can see that the way of how to see your blocked list on Facebook is so simple.