Things Impact Electric Car’s Range

electric car
2017 smart electric drive coupe

While you are taking the electric car as your new car, you should note that it has many differences with the ordinary car which needs the petrol as its main energy source. You need to know about the car you’re driving off to ensure you know how to use it and you can enjoy driving this car on the road. You should not treat this car same as what you treat the other fuel cars because they have a different way to treat. If you are wrong to treat this car, it will give the impact toward its range.

Things to Impact Electric Car’s Range and How to Expand it

You should know that this electric car has its own range you can get from a single charge. You can get its range if you have used this car in the best way. Well, you should know that there are some things or factors which make a huge impact toward its range. The factors which can shorten the range are high air conditioner use, loss in battery capacity, extra weight (it means you load more passengers as well as the luggage), strong headwinds, non-stop high speeds (it means you drive in the high speeds with no braking as example on the highway), long mountain climbs, and aggressive driving.

Those factors will shorten the range as its normal one. Thus, you should ensure that you have avoided them in the right way to ensure you can get the range as its normal one. There are some ways to expand the distance with this electric car. They are using less air conditioner (if it is possible, you can turn on this conditioner if you need it), tailwinds (try to do not go while strong wind), driving long descents downhill, town or city driving with more braking, and driving less aggressively.