Home Cooking Recipes Based Traditional Recipe

easy cooking recipesIndonesia has so many kinds of foods. The country has unique food and drink in every single town and district. We can cook some of them so we may make our home cooking recipes by ourselves. Sate Taichan is a new menu of chicken satay that is unique because it does not use soy sauce or peanut seasoning. It does not use general satay seasoning, then the chicken satay appearance is also unique. White color with a special baked satay texture makes this recipe a new favorite. Starting from the Senayan area of Jakarta, chicken cooking is currently widely mushroomed in Bandung, Tangerang, Surabaya and other cities. The price of satay Taichan is also quite cheap. The combination of savory chicken flavor with the smell of satay and spicy onion chili make recipe satay Taichan is mandatory to try.

How To Make Satay Taichan As Home Cooking Recipes?

Satay Taichan recipe is a unique menu that fits perfectly with the daily many of cuisine. If friends are not too fond of the sweet taste, this modern satay can be a new choice. Especially if you want to find new unique chicken recipe ideas. Fresh chicken meat that burned with simple Taichan spice causes a different taste sensation with general satay. Especially when combined with a spicy chili of Taichan recipe and lontong. This is tasted very yummy, maybe a serving of this recipe will never be enough for a single meal. Moreover, how to make chicken satay Taichan is also very practical and fast to be our home cooking recipes.

Every people may use this recipe as the reference to create a traditional food of Indonesia as home cooking recipes. The way to cook it is not that complicated if you are Indonesian. Not only Indonesian but also every people may practice that recipe in their home if you have got the ingredients.