The Ultimate Tasty Indonesian Food

Asian RecipesTropical, hot and summer for all years, that are the things you are going to feel when you choose Indonesia for traveling. But, do you know that Indonesia also has variations of food that will make you feel more comfortable in this beautiful country? The Indonesian food can be found in many places, from the restaurants to the street vendors. With various cultures in Indonesia, you will not be bored trying the foods, hopping from a city to another to experience something that is good for your tummy. So, are you ready to get adventure begin in Indonesia? Let’s start it!

Selected Indonesian Food With Delicious Taste

Indonesia has many kinds of food that will bring happiness to your tummy. There is some popular yet favorite Indonesian food that will make you feel like you are in the heaven. The first food that is suitable for you is the Nasi Padang. This is actually a plate of rice with many foods from Padang, like rendang or spicy beef cooked with coconut milk, gulai, and sambal ijo. Those foods will make you drool as they are so good and has a strong taste. Don’t hesitate to try them for your next adventure in Indonesia. You will also get some unique foods from Papua, like papeda, the dish which is so great when you eat them with fish.

In Java, you will also get many variations of food. At first, you might want to try the gudeg, sweet and delicious food with Javanese taste. You can also try some things that are great, like selat solo, satay and other traditional foods from Indonesia. You can also try the drinks which are unique. Wedang jahe will warm your body up. Besides, if you want something chewy, you can go for the wedang ronde. This is simple and also unique for your experience. Bajigur and Indonesian coffee will also bring your culinary experience to the next level. So, you will not be disappointed with the Indonesian food.