Step To Easily Install Laminate Floor

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staircase landingsLaminate floor, especially wooden planks laminate flooring are very popular options for flooring, and very cheap to install too. If you are choosing wooden laminate floor as your flooring options, then you have come to the right place. We are going to show you how to install laminate wood flooring. You only need sufficient amount of wooden planks, and laminate wood flooring installation kit. Inside the installation kit, there will be tools you will need to install wooden laminate flooring. The installation is very easy, and everyone can do it in their home. The installation will take up at least three days to complete from the preparation until finishing touch. Without any further description, here we are going to show you step by step instructions to install wooden laminate flooring.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Install Laminate Wood Flooring

The first step on how to install laminate wood flooring is by preparing the wooden planks. Acclimate all of your wooden planks in your room. This step is needed to make your wood is accustomed to temperature and humidity of your room to prevent buckling caused by wood expansion. Now, prepare the layout and plans. Measure the size of your room, made the layout plan for the flooring, count how many wooden planks you will need and choose the directions of your layout. Then, prepare your floor for the installation. Clean up your floor with any debris and nails, and then remove any baseboard by using Prybar.

Now as the floor is ready, and the wood is acclimated to the room, it is time to lay out your wooden planks. Layout wooden planks carefully, and make sure it follows up your layout and plans. lay out the first row from the walls, and then continue until all of the room is covered. Finally, to put the finishing touch by reinstalling the baseboard using hammer and finishing nails, then wax your wooden planks to strengthen it from fungus and scratch. That’s it step on how to install laminate wood flooring easily.