Sedan Honda Car Specs

honda car reviews

honda car reviewsThere is no doubt that first class of car should be from the sedan. It offers elegance that is stated as the top selection for people at the end. Therefore, since many times before, this car is popular around the world because of premium value offers. Honda, as big car company also takes part at this car consistently since many years before. Divided in different offered adjusted by the price, each brand is famous for each category. Honda car specs and reviews state at least three popular brands named Civic, City, and Accord. Shorting form the lowest price, these brands are acceptable and winning people’s heart easily.

The Sedan Honda Car Specs

When people ask about the difference from these three sedan Honda car specs, it can be started from the size. The Accord is designed in the long mode to keep it looking glamor. In slight look, it repeats the design of symbol in a classy car named limousine. The longer one is needed to keep it exclusive. As for the City, the actual size is shorter than Accord but it has a longer body than Civic. The difference also can be seen by the materials used to enhance the convenience. There is no objection that Accord is the most expensive car in Honda sedan because of premium selection in the interior and exterior used.

On the other hand, when people want to know the use of the engine for these three Honda car specs, people can determine the use of the hybrid system for the next generations. The city is the smallest car is equipped with 1.4L with the less powerful engine. Civic uses 1.5L powerful engine. As for the Accord is now completed with 2.4 with dual VVT-i technology to give more powerful engine system. For the competitor, a long sedan should be used 2.5L 2AR FE system with dual VVT-i engine system too. The difference is the accelerated system in City and Civic that less one level from Accord.