Newborn Pitbull Puppies Care

Taking care of newborn like pitbull puppies is bother easy maintenance. Since newborn puppies have not been actively moving since they were born, they spend much of the day for sleeping. It is good if we as the dog owners should know some things that need to be done when handling the birth process and caring for the bear of a puppy. In the process of giving birth to a dog is actually a natural process, but in this case, to reduce the risk, it is necessary for help to take care of our newborn puppies to be healthy, safe and well-growing. Here are how to take care of newborn puppies.

Tips For Newborn Pitbull Puppies Care

  • First is maintaining cage warmth. Newborn puppies will need warmth. Usually, they will gather and always look for their mothers to get warmth and comfort. Keep the cage on a pedestal to keep the pitbull puppies warm.
  • Second, maintaining cage hygiene puppies are very vulnerable to disease. Especially. When they are under 4 months of age. They must keep clean.  So, clean the enclosure of all kinds of dirt, especially if there are food crumbs that can cause ants to come.
  • Third, do not try to open their eyes. Newborn puppies usually have eyes that are still not fully open, this is because the eyes are still in the process of maturation of growth. Since in the womb, they have a long enough eye growth process. So when they are born, the eyes are still closed for the refinement process, at least until 2 weeks. Their eyes will open by itself after the cornea formation process is completely perfect.

In the process of the treatment for the puppies, you need also to pay attention well to the mother like giving vitamin for calcium for the dog’s mother still gives them breastfeeding. You can find other information about pitbull puppies at