Manokwari; Beautiful West Papua’s Capital City

As the center of administration of West Papua, Manokwari might become the number one city in that province that has improved in the infrastructure. However, this city does not change into the crowded one. This city still becomes the beautiful capital city that will offer you with its beautiful nature once you arrive in this province. As the other part of Papua, this city also has many beautiful beaches that ready to impress you with the peaceful nature. Do you want to know what you will get in Manokwari? If you are curious about it, please read the following paragraphs.

West Papua And Its Beautiful Capital City

Manokwari is not only serving people there with the administrative things in West Papua, but it also has many resorts that will make people feel relax to spend their free time there. Yes, you might have a thought that this city will full of administrative things, but it is far away different from the common capital cities. It still has many pure nature sites that will make you feel comfortable when you are there. It has many beautiful beaches that will serve you with their look and also their breeze. You might also explore more the beaches there by doing some activities.

You can do snorkeling there and also do some other beach activities there. As the other beaches in Papua, the beaches in Manokwari are still in pure condition and you will not regret to come to this city. You also do not need to think too much about the transportation. You will have many accesses to visit this city, as this city is the capital of the province. So, many people already visit this place and they will be addicted to coming to this place once again. For more information about Manokwari and the other regions of this province, please visit