How To Make Smoked Dried Catfish

Community needs in fulfilling animal protein one of which is derived from catfish. This catfish has economic value and its price that can be reached by middle and lower society. Catfish is one of the freshwater fish that has high nutrition and is necessary for bone growth in children, pregnant women and also elderly women to be able to prevent osteoporosis. Where this fish has a protein content of 17.5% and fat as much as 4.8%. This fish lives in calm waters and does not like the condition of running water. For the processing is divided into 3 kinds, namely by fried, baked, and also there is smoked. The interesting thing is the processing of the smoking technique that will produce smoked dried catfish.

Smoking Technique For Smoked Dried Catfish

The application of smoked dried catfish technology is using open which is equipped with fish shelf. Smoking using firewood for 24 hours. The smoked fish processing uses curing technology using an open fire log which has a length of 1.5 m, a width of 1 m and a height of 1 m, the open height of fire is about 0.8 m. open is made from a wooden frame surrounded by zinc plate. Open also comes with a handy door to get in and out of the dish rack. The top open is made a window that is used to remove the smoke when you want to open. While at the rear is equipped with a window that remains open for the place of entry of smoke.

In addition to open, other equipment that we can use for the manufacture of smoked dried catfish is a sharp machete used to split fish, wooden cutting board, plastic bucket that serves to accommodate the fish and wash, bucket hollow used to wash the fish with running water, water installation equipped with water faucet, manual fan to remove dust attached to fish, tray, box, silver and transparent plastic wrapping that serves for the parking place.