Live with Diabetics

Living in Indonesia that most people in this country eat rice in their daily menu and like consuming sweet beverages lead the probability to have diabetic hegemony increased. Even though as naturally the body can transform simple sugar in blood into muscle sugar or glycogen, people need to maintain in to avoid something bad. Related to this matter, people should handle it gently. Diabetic has no medicine instead keeping right consumption. This point should be known and understood deeply.

Maintaining Diet for Diabetics

Basically, the main important thing to consider when they want to put right diet for a diabetic is a portion. People still need to take carbohydrate as the source of energy. But, they need to limit the portion to avoid high sugar in the blood. Meanwhile, it is also suggested to replace simple sugar with rice, bread, and noodle with certain complex sugar such as nuts and brown rice. Complex sugar has a bigger level of resistant starch which is suitable for diabetics.

The second point that needs to maintain well is timing. Keeping the curve of blood sugar stable all day long is supported by the right time-consuming. Skipping one meal time is not allowed since it will lead the jump pf sugar blood soon. Thus, eat punctually for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is something essential to do.

Besides that, people also need to take rest regularly due to the increase of blood makes them sleepy. Do not force the body to do the heavy job when the body is not ready. Last, please check the body blood level regularly to maximize this step. When it is needed, people also can consume some medicine to reduce it manually. Following the guidance of doctor and dietician and obey all rules are the most important things to do in their daily lives.