Indonesia Freshwater Shrimp For Export

Apart from the cultivation side is quite simple, business prospects of giant prawns as shrimp consumption is very promising. The development of freshwater crayfish business is not separated from the high demand of the market, either domestic market or international market. To fulfill the domestic market alone, the freshwater shrimp prawn suppliers are overwhelmed. National shrimp consumption is estimated to reach 6-7 million tons per month or 200 quintals per day. As for export until now, there has been no definitive data on the number of freshwater prawn’s demand by several countries. But some countries require freshwater prawns. The demand was quite diverse, ranging from hundreds to thousands of kilograms for once shipping.

Freshwater Shrimp Of Indonesia Meet The Export Requirements

With regard to exports, Japan is one of the countries with the largest market potential in Asia. Japanese society is very famous to love fish and shrimp including freshwater shrimp. Each year the country imports large quantities of freshwater shrimp from freshwater shrimp prawn suppliers. Besides Japan, other Asian countries such as Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore also import shrimp. Almost every starred restaurant and hotel in these countries provide a variety of food menu with the main ingredient of shrimp. Communities in several other countries such as the United States, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia make the shrimp as a favorite food. They believe that by consuming freshwater shrimp is healthier than eating seafood. Many restaurants in New Zealand, Australia, and Hongkong, shrimp served in soup, nuggets, or salad mixes.

Along with the advent of cultivation technology, many cultivators are developing freshwater shrimp, so the price competition makes shrimp prices in 2015 increased by 30% per kilogram. For most breeders, the price is still very good. Even a number of freshwater shrimp prawn suppliers reveal that they can earn up to 100%. This situation is certainly a tantalizing attraction because it can provide high business profits.