What Is HP Printer Driver?

What is HP printer driver? It is a necessary software that you have to install for your program and Windows. The driver will give the command to your HP printer to do the tasks. The tasks are not only about printing, scanning, and copying the files. If you want to connect your HP printer to another PC or share the same printer for two PCs, you need printer driver to relay the command. Moreover, the printer driver is also necessary for PowerPoint. Your PowerPoint wouldn’t respond too often when you use it. Therefore, you need to install printer driver to fix some problems and bugs.

Steps To Install for HP printer driver

However, HP printer driver should be installed locally. Actually, the driver is already on your PC and you can install it right away. It shouldn’t be on a network although you can connect the driver that installed locally on your computer. But when you have a locally installed driver, you can just install it right away. Maybe you need to check the first ID it is installed locally or not. How to do this? First, you have to click the ‘Start’ button and go to ‘Control Panel’. After that, right-click on the printer and choose ‘Properties’. Click ‘General Tab’ and you need to choose ‘Print a test page’.

The next thing is to look at your PC’s name and you will see the serial number on the screen. If the printer is matched with your PC, it means that the driver is already installed locally. All you have to do is just reinstall the driver. Go back to the ‘Printer’ section on Control Panel and click it. You can find ‘install driver’ or something similar to that since the wording may be different in some PCs. Run the driver and wait until the installation process is finished. Some PCs need a reboot after HP printer driver is installed. Your PC may need a reboot too. After you reboot it, the printer driver is installed successfully.