How To Stay Healthy Ala Japanese

Health life

Health lifeJapan is known as a country that has a healthy lifestyle. Even some health researchers show that the population of Japan citizen has high life expectancy. Their obesity rate is only 3.5% of the total population in this country. Rates of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and heart disease were also lower. That’s why it can be a good idea to follow the healthy lifestyle that is practiced in Japan. By doing this practice, hopefully, we can have a healthy body and high life expectancy as we live.

Best Ways To Stay Healthy Ala Japanese

First of all, you must know that Japanese loves to eat vegetables. Vegetables are one of the healthiest foods for our body. For that, if we want to be healthy then we must eat enough vegetables. The Japanese love vegetables very much, and they often make vegetables a composition for diet. You may try to find some ideas to make your vegetable into a delicious dish by searching for Japanese recipe or something. Secondly, we must try to limit our intake on sweetened food. Japanese rarely eat something that is sweet like a dessert. They are more likely to have green tea or fruit instead of eating something sweet as dessert.

Next, you must eat carb in various ways. Like another Asian country, Japanese also likes to have rice as the main course of any meal. However, you must know that Japanese have the carb in various ways. In this case, they do not have rice three times in a day. Sometimes they have udon, soba, and cereal as an alternative to rice. Then, you can also consider about eating seaweed. Japanese also likes to eat something with seaweed. This ingredient is high in antioxidant, so there is no doubt that it can be good for our health.