How To Prevent Ingrown Pimple

ingrown pimple

ingrown pimpleIngrown pimple is a surely problematic issue and you should cure that immediately before it gets worse. There are several things that you should do to prevent a pimple from developing too intense. One of them is by shaving after you take a bath. This is important because you let the pores to opens up wide. Thus, the chance of getting clogged pores which lead to inflammation is reduced. Additionally, it is also necessary to know that showering cleans your body. Thus, it prevents the bacteria to stick to your body when you are shaving. Lastly, you also need to use clean razors when shaving. This total cleanliness ensures you to have better prevention against pimples.

Preventing Ingrown Pimple

The next consideration that you should do is using shaving cream. It is important to note that an ingrown pimple is caused by ingrown hair. Ingrown hair occurs because it curls down when you accidentally push it down with razor blades. It is possible because dry shaving does not let your razor to cut your hair effectively. Some of your hairs remain untouched, and they are eventually pushed down when you are shaving. That is why you need to use shaving foam. Additionally, you should be gentle in using the razor. Otherwise, you are ensuring the hair to grow underneath your skin. Thus, it will make a pimple ingrown that you hate most.

There is another shaving tip that can save your skin. It is actually by shaving in the direction of your hair – not against it. This helps your hair to be cut easier and more effectively. Lastly, it is actually recommended to use chemical hair remover instead of shaving the hair. This method is aimed for those who cannot get an ingrown pimple too often despite preventive effort. Be sure to read the direction because any chemical compound has the effect into your body.