How To Edit Apk On Pc

apk editor pro

apk editor proPreviously, we have mentioned what is the recommended app for editing Apk on PC. There are some options, but it is recommended if you choose Apk editor instead. The user interface is simple, the user experience is exciting, and it is loaded with many useful features. Apk editor is indeed powerful app that you can use for editing Apk. However, some of you may now know how to operate it. It makes sense since editing Apk sometimes does not work as intended. Bugs are coming following the edit you make. Therefore, it is something that you should consider when you are editing Apk.

Tutorial Edit Apk On Pc

If you want to edit Apk, you only need to download the application named Apk editor. This special application comes in two version: free and pro for edit Apk on PC. The free version is obviously free to download. You are not forced to pay anything. However, the feature is limited. One of the most notable lacking is users cannot change the manifest.xml. This file is important data in the application for controlling how it behaves. Sometimes, your edit does not need to change it. However, people who demand credit actually want to edit the manifest file as well.

If you have downloaded the Apk editor, it is time for you to edit the app. First of all, you need to open the Apk editor. After that, you need to import Apk that you want to edit. After importing, you can make some changes tailored to your preference. Once it’s done, it is time to export it back to Apk. The process should not create any problem especially if you only change files within blue region. That is how to edit Apk on PC. Basically, the process is fairly simple, but you just need to put extra effort if there is something wrong with the edited application.