The Giant Tiger Shrimp From Indonesia

The giant tiger shrimp, or commonly known as black tiger shrimp with biological name, Penaeus Monodon, is very popular crustacean, widely inhabit Indo-Pacific Ocean, and now widely cultivated in South East Asian. There are many kinds of giant tiger shrimp, like Indonesia giant tiger shrimp, black tiger shrimp, Australian strips, and many more. This crustacean can reach for at least 33 cm long for the female, and only 25 cm for its male. The giant tiger shrimp can weight to at least 170 g. This shrimp is quite popular, widely consumed all around the world, and number two of most harvested, fished, cultivated, and consumed crustacean all around the world, only lose to number one, the white-legged shrimp. Now, this shrimp is widely farmed and cultivated in a lot of South East Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more. Now, here is some information about this delicious tiny shrimp.

The Simple Information About Indonesia Giant Tiger Shrimp

Giant tiger shrimp are harvested all around the world but mostly produced in warm South East Asian Nations. Every year, it there was at least 770,000 tons of giant tiger shrimp cultivated, harvested, shipped and then consumed. It is approximately, that every year, it there was more than 350,000 millions of dollars’ worth it of every giant tiger shrimp, well it is quite a number isn’t? this is why many people are getting interested to be involved in this line of business, to be involved in giant tiger shrimp business. Nearly all of the kinds of Indonesia giant tiger shrimp is sold for consumption and culinary purposes.

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