Get Your Car Cleaned At Home

awesome cars

awesome cars

When you own a car, you can’t just use it without concerning on its clean. A clean stuff always represents its owner. I know it can pretty be tiring to keep running to the shop for expensive car cleaning products. Your daily mood and self-perception can be based on the health of your car. The good news is that you can enjoy cleaning your car using anything you can find in your house.

Clean Your Car With Home Ingredients

Cleaning up your car with home ingredients is a simple, efficient, and cheap method that you would enjoy. If you haven’t found out about anything around the house that you can use as a car cleaner, we will get you out by enlightening you with the list below:

  • Hair shampoo. The shampoo is not only for human hair, it’s actually multifunction. If you want to try washing with this method, decide on a baby shampoo since it contains gentle ingredients that won’t damage the car’s paint.
  • When cleaning the hard part, you wipe them using a damp fabric that will help you to remove the grunge and it won’t spread the dirtiness on another area including floor and seats.
  • If you spot a stain on your car’s interior, grab a toothpaste and gently scrubbing the stained area with it. Note: remember to try your cleaner first on a small spot.
  • Alcohol is the backup plan if the toothpaste fail. Gently dab the affected area using alcohol. You just need a small amount of alcohol because it can fade the color of your car.
  • Absorb the smell that comes from your car’s ashtray by sprinkling some baking soda.

A dirty interior and exterior of your vehicle have the potential ruin your day even before you started. So, you get the point, right? Clean your car frequently, not just when you feel like it. Read more about the car related posts on