French Restaurants Near Me, The Flamiche

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french restaurants near meIf you bored with the menu from the French Restaurants Near Me that you usually find in the general menu, you can taste the traditional taste of French with the Flamiche. The Flamiche is the kind of cake that you can consume it as the desert. So, what is the characteristic of the Flamiche? What is the ingredient of this special French Cake? When you want to know more information, don’t go anywhere and just stay on this article guys.

The Cake On The French Restaurants Near Me

Flamiche is the traditional cake that comes from the North part of the French that located near with Belgian. This cake has the similar shape with the pie that contains with the cheese and the vegetable. In the classic recipes, you can find the garlic leaf as the content of this cake. When you visit the French Restaurants Near Me, you can order this cake when you want to eat the pie with the different taste and texture. When you find the general pie have the sweet taste, this cake has the tasteful taste. This cake makes from the materials that have the same type with the brioche. The base of this cake makes from the butter, the low-fat cheese, and the egg.

To get the traditional taste of this cake, you can consume this cake while hot until the cake warm, you also can complete this cake with the Burgundy wine. This traditional cake also has the similar taste and characteristic with the pizza. The base part of this cake with has the crunchy texture, the top part of this cake also has the crispy texture that will make your mouth happy in every bite of this. Use the butter and cheese make this cake the traditional taste of the French food. Thank you for reading this article, and when you want to taste this cake, you can visit French Restaurants Near Me, let’s go!