What Is Elephant Bathing Bali?

The elephant is the largest land animal in the world. Although being largest can be intimidating, the elephant is actually cute and also playful, especially during their elephant bathing time. During their bathing time, they will spray water with their trunk to wet their body. There are countless of zoo and safari that offers you with safari elephant back ride, but have you ever taste what it feels like to bath with an elephant? to feel the playful spray in their trunk? Well, now you can feel how it taste with our bathing and breakfast elephant tour package. First of all, what is bathing and breakfast elephant package? where is located? and how to order it? Well then, we are going to explain all of it to you.

Our Bali Elephant Bathing And Breakfast Tour Package

Located in Taro, Ubud Bali, our tour will offer you elephant back ride an elephant park. In this tour, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of mountainous area of Bali, with cool mountain air. Not only that, but you will also dip into the cool lake along with our elephants. Now, you will experience how it feels to take a bath with an elephant. In our elephant bathing, you will enjoy the playful splash of our elephant, cool air, and cool water splashing. Our elephant is playful and will happily spray water for you. After satisfied with bathing together with elephants, now you can enjoy full buffet breakfast that we prepared for you. Of course, the breakfast is already included in our tour package, pretty convenient right?

In our tour package, it is already included with accident insurance, optional safari tour, breakfast, accommodation, air-conditioned and first class hotel transfers, and many more. To order our tour package, you will need to book it online now. Book it online now quickly, before the daily limit is reached. Book it now only in masonadventures.com.