Design Ideas For Affordable Container Home

Container Cafe

Container Cafe

Nowadays, you will not only find a container in port. There are also so many building that has a container as part of the building. At the first, container became a trend among shop and restaurant. Then, it develops into the main material for other building. Home is one type of building that can use the container as the main material. With its popularity, there are so many types and design of container home for the inspiration of dream house. Home from the container is not only a long box contains furniture, but home from the container is an esthetic place where you can find a serenity.

Inspiration For Container Home

There are a lot of work by popular architects in the world that introduced amazing container home. In France, there is a simple yet attractive home used the container as the main material. Crossbox House is a home used container by CG Architectes. This home has two containers which the first one as a ground than the second one on the top that has opposite position as a ground container. The company even stated that it is a low-cost home as a choice for the alternative home. It has a kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and even a living room that has large space.

If you want an affordable home used container, so you can follow concept by Benjamin Garcia Saxe. It has a beautiful concept that needs two shipping containers in size of 40 foot. All cost of this building is around $40,000 which is perfect for a home in rural without taking any debt. Besides, you can see a concept by Daniel Moreno Flores and Sebastian Calero if you want a larger home with the container. To follow this design, you need around seven shipping container of 20 foot and only one 40-foot container. Then, you can also see some inspirations from