How To Deal With Retainer After Wearing Braces

People with braces will have to face many things. In this case, people who wear brace will experience many things. Although it is not easy to consider them as your most scary experience, you can choose some things that will be useful for the braces treatment. Not only when you wear the braces, but also you have to do the best thing to keep your mouth and teeth healthy after you remove the braces. Although it is not easy, maintaining your teeth health is essential. Therefore, here we’re going to explain some tips when you wear the retainer.

Understanding Types Of Retainer And How To Maintain Them

There are two types of retainer for the teeth after braces. In this case, the choices can be considered based on how you want to choose them. But, advanced consideration from your dentist is also recommended. The first retainer type is the fixed retainer. In this case, the fixed one is a wire which is thin and it will be worn on the backside of your teeth. This is simple and will be bonded at the point where the bracket was. To maintain this kind of retainer, you need to have floss thread to clean them thoroughly. With a bit complicated treatment, this is a great thing to keep your teeth in shape.

The second type of retainer is the removable one. When it comes to a removable thing, you can get this as a combined wire and acrylic. The acrylic will function as the hooks. This is easy to use and you can also easily clean your teeth after wearing this. But due to its removable feature, you need to always remember wearing them every day. You cannot use regular toothpaste because it will damage the acrylic surface. The damaged surface will cause the bacteria to grow on the acrylic, getting it to be too dangerous for your health.