How To Deal With Retainer After Wearing Braces

People with braces will have to face many things. In this case, people who wear brace will experience many things. Although it is not easy to consider them as your most scary experience, you can choose some things that will be useful for the braces treatment. Not only when you wear the braces, but also you have to do the best thing to keep your mouth and teeth healthy after you remove the braces. Although it is not easy, maintaining your teeth health is essential. Therefore, here we’re going to explain some tips when you wear the retainer.

Understanding Types Of Retainer And How To Maintain Them

There are two types of retainer for the teeth after braces. In this case, the choices can be considered based on how you want to choose them. But, advanced consideration from your dentist is also recommended. The first retainer type is the fixed retainer. In this case, the fixed one is a wire which is thin and it will be worn on the backside of your teeth. This is simple and will be bonded at the point where the bracket was. To maintain this kind of retainer, you need to have floss thread to clean them thoroughly. With a bit complicated treatment, this is a great thing to keep your teeth in shape.

The second type of retainer is the removable one. When it comes to a removable thing, you can get this as a combined wire and acrylic. The acrylic will function as the hooks. This is easy to use and you can also easily clean your teeth after wearing this. But due to its removable feature, you need to always remember wearing them every day. You cannot use regular toothpaste because it will damage the acrylic surface. The damaged surface will cause the bacteria to grow on the acrylic, getting it to be too dangerous for your health.

4 Ways To Treat The Flu

Influenza or also known as the flu is some viral infection that attacks the system of our body that known as the respiratory system. Flu also the kind of disease that very common. But, of course, this kind of virus will make your day become really bad if you don’t have any idea on how you can treat and heal from this kind of disease faster. So, if you are looking for the best tips that will help you fix the flu problem in your body, this article might give you the best and of course, this will be the good thing that will help you get away from the flu that caught you.

The Best Way To Heal From Flu

Of course, there are lots of things that you can do to fight the flu in your system. But, today we will give you only about four ways that will be helpful to heal you from flu and also to help you treat the flu inside your system. If you are looking for the best cure or tips to help you get away from flu, you might like these four tips that we will give to you today. Let’s see what you can get.

  1. You need to identifying the flu
  2. Treating the flu with using a natural remedy
  3. Treating the flu with using a medical remedy
  4. You need to know how to preventing the flu

Those four things will be the great things that you can use against the flu and of course, you can get the better life after you do those four things above. You can be free from the flu that very bothering you and of course, you need to see a doctor if the flu still intact in your body, even after you do the things above.

Natural Treatment of Infantigo Disease

Actually, most cases of Infantigo can heal by itself within a period of up to three weeks without treatment. However, the purpose of antibiotic treatment here is to speed the healing process and reduce the risk of transmission to others. However, the use of antibiotics does not always have a good effect on health, the use of antibiotics can also cause harmful side effects on your health. For that, as a solution, you are better to use natural substances that are processed into a herb or natural treatment is very safe to use in Impetigo disease.

Several Natural Treatment of Infantigo Disease

There are several treatments overcome this disease, you should consult your doctor and try one of the natural ways to treat infantigo in the following discussion.

White Vinegar

Impetigo is a highly contagious disease. Therefore, medication with the prevention of infection using antibiotics. One of the ingredients that can be used as a natural antibiotic is white vinegar. You can mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar with a glass of warm water. Next apply to skin that is problematic with cotton balls. Keep the wound sterile with gauze. Do this way as much as 2-3 times a day.

Warm Compress

Hot heat on the compress can help kill the bacteria that cause infections of the skin. In addition, this way is also good for speeding the wound drying. You can put a washcloth into hot water. After that, squeeze, then place the cloth on the problem area. Let stand for a few minutes, then lift. Do it this way several times a day.


Garlic is known for its antibacterial and natural antibiotic properties that can fight various infections, including infections due to impetigo. In addition, garlic herb can also help relieve pain and itching that arises. For the processor, you can preheat 2 tablespoons sesame oil with 2-3 cloves of chopped garlic. Next filter the oil, then apply. Do it this way 1-2 times a day for several days. Those all the natural treatments of Infantigo.

Bentonite Clay For Treating Acne

How to get rid of acne? You can use bentonite clay. Not many people know in developing countries, but in the modern countries, they use bentonite clay for treating the acne for centuries. It actually feels so weird to have clay in your face, but it actually not a usual clay. It is the bentonite clay which contain therapeutic value which is is good for the skin, especially for treating the acne. The clay is actually made from with good minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, and also potassium. This clay is formed in a volcanic ash and you add water to it, it will give the negative electrical charge. This electrical charge is actually a strong one. Since the acne is actually have a positif electrical charge, so this clay will finally neutralize the acne and will cure it eventually.

How To Get Rid Of Acne With Bentonite Clay

How to get rid of acne with bentonite clay? You can actually rub it in your face and spread it evenly through all the surfaces of your face. Leave it for a moment and if you think is enough you can wash it and clean it with water. It is also good to rub alcohol to your face since it also clean your face from bacteria and it helps to remove acne effectively. You can actually find this clay anywhere in the store all you have to do is browse on the internet or you can search through the market all by yourself.

There are actually many products contain the bentonite clay in the market. It usually made in a form of mask. To make the mask, you just have to combine and mix half of tablespoon of bentonite clay with enough water and make a mask from it. Apply it on your face, and leave it for about 15 minutes. Wash off after that, and your skin will shine everyday without acne problem. So, if you ask, how to get rid of acne? You can use bentonite as a mask twice a week.

The Importance of Early Breastfeeding

For young prospective mothers or you who are waiting for a baby, shortly after your baby is born do not miss out on early breastfeeding initiation. Namely, breastfeeding 1 hour after birth, because then the content of colostrum or antibody for babies is very high. Early breastfeeding can prevent about 22% of infant deaths under the age of 28 months in developing countries. Early breastfeeding when the baby is 2 to 24 hours after birth can prevent about 16% of infant deaths under 28 days.

Why is Early Breastfeeding so Importance?

When doing the baby’s breastfeeding, put the baby on the mother’s stomach and dry the baby from the face, head, and other body parts, then give a blanket that will cover mother and baby. At that time, the baby will reach the nipple by relying on the sense of smell and guided by the smell on both hands. The baby will lift his head, begin to suckle the nipple, and then start feeding. Early breastfeeding is very important because it can prevent infant mortality due to hypothermia. The mother’s chest serves as a body temperature regulator that can prevent the risk of hypothermia and is able to warm the baby. The baby’s skin contact with the mother will enhance the bond of love between mother and baby. Skin contact in the first 1 to 2 hours is very important because after that the baby will fall asleep.

If this is too late, the provision of prenatal food supplements in the form of fluids in infants from an early age cannot be avoided. Consequently, the possibility of the baby will be susceptible to diarrhea as one cause of premature death. If you are planning or are pregnant, when your child is born do not miss to breastfeed early. This is easy to do and very useful.

Take These Foods as the Best Fiber Sources

Who doesn’t like eating? Everyone loves eating and finding new, delicious foods every day. This means you will also need to choose from various meal menus to satisfy your taste. Among all of your favorite foods, do you consume fiber? Many people love eating and they forget to consume fiber, which is the best nutrient you can consume. It helps you clean the digestive system, lowering cholesterol and also make you full longer. Therefore, adding fiber to your plate is a big choice.

How to Find Delicious Fiber

When talking about fiber, many people consider them as the greens, and we know many of them will make you less appetized. This means you have to choose the alternatives for finding the best foods which are rich in fiber.

  1. You can eat beans for improving your fiber intake. You can consume the beans from the soup or salad. Some beans are also delicious to eat when you steam them.
  2. Sounds too simple for your diet plan, but indeed popcorn contains high fiber that will be great for your health. It also contains calcium for your teeth and bones!
  3. Berries are the delicious ways to get your daily fiber intake. The fruits are sweet and sour, fresh and will be suitable to eat with yogurt or you can just eat them right away.
  4. Oatmeal usually comes with your breakfast. Besides of lowering your blood cholesterol, oatmeal will also provide the healthy fiber for your body. So, don’t hesitate to consume them!
  5. A baked potato is delicious, but do you ever tried eating them with its skin? The skin of the baked potato is rich of fiber, which will balance the carbs of the potato.

Those five delicious foods are the best choice for your high fiber diet. The foods are easy to find, easy to cook and of course, will be healthy for your body!

Amazing Advantages of Consuming Apple Cider Vinegar for Our Health

You know that apple cider vinegar is easily found in your household. In fact, the apple cider vinegar is one of common ingredients for cooking.   But, you ever realize that this sting liquid has great and proven health benefit for our body? The ACV is an ancient folk remedy which can be your home remedy for all sorts of health problems. Besides, there are other benefits to our body like lowering blood sugar levels, weight loss, and etc.


Three Wonderful Benefits of The Apple Cider Vinegar


Do you know that the apple cider vinegar could kill many types of bacteria? The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, used this natural vinegar to cleaning the wound for thousands of years age. There is acetic acid as the main substance in vinegar. The acetic acid can kills pathogen including bacteria and avoid them to multiply for reaching harmful levels. In fact, for the thousands years ago, the apple cider vinegar is used for a disinfectant. In addition, the apple cider vinegar will also help to reduce the risk of heart disease as the world’s biggest death’s cause. Study from Harvard shows that women who ate salad with vinegar had a lower riszj of heart disease. In facts, some experts says that apple cider vinegar has antioxidant chlorogenic acid that can lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels.


If you suffer type 2 diabetes, consuming apple cider vinegar can be your alternative treatment to lower blood sugar levels. In fact, the type 2 diabetes is defined by raised blood sugar level whether in the context of an inability producing insulin or insulin resistance. Some studies have been proven that vinegar delivers few advantages for lowering blood sugar level and improving insulin function in the body. We suggest you that you should consult with your doctor before taking this home remedies.

Things to Make You Happier and Healthier

There are different kinds of things you can do to make your life healthier and happier. Although those things that will not be that difficult to do, you will find it is not that difficult to find out what you can do to improve your life. The following things you will do below are those simple things that will be very helpful to improve your life. It will not be that difficult to find those simple things you can do to help you improve your health. Find out which one of these following things that you missed previously.

Things to Do for Health

If you want to do several things easily to improve your health, you can try to make your body keep hydrated. Water is a very important part of your body. You need water to make your body stay healthy and maintain your vitality and energy level. This is what you can do to maintain your mental alertness. This is what you should do if you want to keep your body healthy easily by keeping the body hydrated. In order to make sure that you have enough water.

The next thing that you should know about making your body healthier and make yourselves happier is to get sufficient sunlight. The sunlight is the key that will make your body healthy. The vitamin D in the sunlight is the secret that will make your body happier. The Vitamin D will also help you boost your mood. This is why you are suggested to get plenty of sunlight that will also help you reduce the risk of getting cancer and heart disease. There are also some other diseases that you can fight by having sufficient sunlight expose. However, you need to avoid too excessive sunlight at noon that will only harm your body.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

After knowing the health benefits, then what should be done by everyone is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the signs of our gratitude to God is to maintain a healthy lifestyle that has been given to us. Do not let us fall asleep with health and finally forget those who have given us health. Because we will feel the joy of healthy life when we are sick. Lots of benefits that we will get when we maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because this is part of our efforts to continue to live healthily. However, human beings are given the option of trying as much as possible. How about you? Do you also want a healthy life? Certainly, the answer is yes.

Is It Necessary to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle?

Among the advantages of maintaining a healthy lifestyle are:

  • The first advantage of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is that we will sleep and rest deeply. Due to good body condition, due to living healthily pattern. Why is rest so important? Because this is where our body will refresh all body systems and rest it during sleep. So, if we cannot sleep deeply do not hope the body will refresh all body systems with the maximum.
  • The second advantage of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is that we can eat the food we eat with pleasure because of high appetite due to a healthy lifestyle. It is important for everyone to have a high appetite. Because every day we move requires energy and energy are obtained from food.
  • The third advantage is that we can work with the maximum. Because a healthy body will certainly lead to feelings of spirit when we live daily activities. The sick body will make us tired easily and cannot concentrate on completing the job.

Well, that is all the advantages of all activities to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Hope this info will help you start and build healthy life.

Live with Diabetics

Living in Indonesia that most people in this country eat rice in their daily menu and like consuming sweet beverages lead the probability to have diabetic hegemony increased. Even though as naturally the body can transform simple sugar in blood into muscle sugar or glycogen, people need to maintain in to avoid something bad. Related to this matter, people should handle it gently. Diabetic has no medicine instead keeping right consumption. This point should be known and understood deeply.

Maintaining Diet for Diabetics

Basically, the main important thing to consider when they want to put right diet for a diabetic is a portion. People still need to take carbohydrate as the source of energy. But, they need to limit the portion to avoid high sugar in the blood. Meanwhile, it is also suggested to replace simple sugar with rice, bread, and noodle with certain complex sugar such as nuts and brown rice. Complex sugar has a bigger level of resistant starch which is suitable for diabetics.

The second point that needs to maintain well is timing. Keeping the curve of blood sugar stable all day long is supported by the right time-consuming. Skipping one meal time is not allowed since it will lead the jump pf sugar blood soon. Thus, eat punctually for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is something essential to do.

Besides that, people also need to take rest regularly due to the increase of blood makes them sleepy. Do not force the body to do the heavy job when the body is not ready. Last, please check the body blood level regularly to maximize this step. When it is needed, people also can consume some medicine to reduce it manually. Following the guidance of doctor and dietician and obey all rules are the most important things to do in their daily lives.

The Importance of Taking Vacation

Is it necessary to take holiday? It is a simple question but has many answers. What do you think? Actually, take a vacation is a must after passing a hard time in busy days. You cannot let yourself stand in the dark place that will get darken day by day. You have to get away once, then take some candles. After that, light that candles then try to lighten up that dark place. This is how holiday works for your working days. Although your working place will always be your dark place, you have to make sure that you will not get too much stress on it.

Why You Have to Take a Vacation?

Some people may still think that vacation is unnecessary. If you are one of them, so you have to know about it:

  • Vacation will Reduce Your Stress

For the most important thing to take a vacation is you can release all your pressure and stress. By taking a vacation, you can let yourself to calm down and forget a while from your job. You can also help yourself to balance your emotion due stress and pressure, so you will not be burnout.

  • Vacation will Improve Your Concentration

Besides releasing your stress, vacation also will make yourself to get full concentration. After releasing pressure and stress, you will get fresh mind again. In that situation, you will have a clearer mind. Then, you can improve your concentration again and you are ready to work!

  • Vacation will Improve Your Health Condition

Without much pressure nor stress, your health will be increasing. Stress and pressure trigger your body to be unstable and easy to catch some disease. Fortunately, you can avoid any bad effects of any diseases like heart disease.  In that situation, your health still in the good balance and you can do your job well.

Benefits of Canned Foods

Some people still think that canned food is less nutritious than fresh or even frozen foods. And some people think that canned food contain harmful ingredients and we can’t eat them. However, this is not true. Carbs, protein, and fat that are in canned food are not affected by the process. This also same with vitamins and minerals that contain in canned foods. Therefore, you can still eat canned foods happily. Below is our recommendation of canned foods.

Best Canned Foods

The first canned food that you can eat is canned seafood. It can be canned salmon, tuna, or sardine. These fishes are packed with omega 3 fatty acids. This can help you to protect your heart from heart chronic disease. It can also maintain eyesight, keep joints mobile, elevate mood, and boost brain power. Many health experts recommend us to eating at least two servings of fresh/frozen/canned fish or seafood every week. And now we recommend you canned fish since you don’t have to cook them! Moreover, there are many choices too! Fishes are also good sources of protein, vitamins, and many more nutrients. You can use canned salmon as the patty for your burger or sandwich. Or you can also use tuna as pasta dish or salad topper.

The second canned food is canned beans. This canned food is one of the most popular and convenient canned food. You need to store this canned food in your kitchen. Beans are one of the veggies which contain antioxidants, protein, iron, and potassium. A study shows that eating beans regularly can help us to reduce the risk of heart disease. It can also very helpful to manage your waistline. You can eat 3 cans of canned beans every week. How to use them? You can add them to cream soup, burrito bowl, or turkey chili. You can also add beans to your sandwich and add mayo too.

6 Healthy Tips for Office Workers

Doing work to get money to continue life is important. But it is also important to keep your body healthy to do work with maximum result. For you who work in the office and for you who work with PC or laptop most of the time, you need to read these healthy tips. These tips will help you to maintain your whole-body part in while you need to work in front of your laptop or PC all the time.

Do These Acts and Your Body Will be Alright

People who sit too much, and work in front of their laptop all the time will experience some drop in functioning some body parts. The eye is the definite example. Your eyes are forced to look at the PC monitor all the times and it will get tired so easily. As time goes by, this will lead to eye’s abnormal function and for the worst case you might be blind. This is only one example of the functional dropping of body parts. So, check these tips to prevent that to happen.

  1. Set the distance between you and your monitor.

You should adjust the distance between your eyes and the monitor to protect the eyes. 30 cm minimum of distance will be good.

  1. Set an alarm per-hour

Once per-hour, set an alarm for it. If you sit and look at the monitor for an hour without even stopping your body will feel numb, especially the leg and the neck. So, you need to do walking or simply stretch your muscles per-hour to loosen up a little bit.

  1. Drink mineral water

Mineral water indeed an important part of life. Drink mineral water regularly and you will be fine.

  1. Adjust display brightness

Adjusting the display brightness also protect your eyes from damage. So, adjust as low as possible as long as you have clear sight of the monitor.

  1. Blink often

Blinking also helps you to prevent damage to the eyes. So, blink often to get your eyes protected.

Tips for getting Healthier Liver

The liver is the key part of your body. You have to be more concerned about it. What makes your liver healthy is based on what you take as supply. Foods and drinks are two main effects on your liver condition. Moreover, an expert said that liver is one of your organ that can easily trash when you did not take good care of it. From now on, you have to be more concern on your liver. Once it is damaged, you cannot fix it as before.

How to Get a Healthy Liver

If you want to keep your liver in healthy condition, so you have to follow some advice below:

  1. Do Healthy Diet

Diet does not always intend for people who want to get perfect body shape. Diet also means to people who want to get a healthier life. By doing healthy diet, you can help your weight be controlled. In that situation, your liver will work better.

  1. Do Exercise Routinely

Besides doing healthy diet, don’t forget to do exercise routinely. Just spare your time for 10 minutes in a day for exercise. Just take a simple exercise, it will help to make your body get more stamina. Moreover, exercise also helps to prevent overweight which becomes one cause of liver disease.

  1. Avoid Alcohol

This point might be pro and contra. Some people still cannot leave alcohol out of their life. It must be dangerous since alcohol triggers your liver cells to be damaged. Then, the damaged liver cells can lead to scar or swell which is even more dangerous.

  1. Grab Coffee

The most interesting result from certain research has been surfaced. It said that coffee will help to decrease the risk of liver disease. However, make sure that you consume it in right control. Because too much caffeine isn’t good.

What Vegan Foods Really Are

What do you think when you heard about foods for vegans? Are they gross and not delicious? Ok, most people still think about that thing in their heads. The truth is vegans’ foods are not gross or as delicious as the normal people’s foods. You can see more about it here. Then, you will have some intention to try the vegan foods later.

Tips of Creating Delicious Foods like Vegans

Vegans, they only consume the foods that contain no animal part. It does not mean the foods are gross, full of green vegetables and fruits only. They can be creative by using chocolate without animal containing, peanut butter or other delicious toppings on the foods. They even can eat cake without eggs. You can search the recipe of that cake though. How to create the delicious foods like vegans? Here are examples of creating delicious breakfast like vegans:

  1. You can create the delicious breakfast with the porridge of oats and some berries and bananas on it.
  2. Add the toppings such as peanut butter and chocolate.
  3. Then, you can create the juice of fruits you love too.
  4. You should not add anything related to animal include the milk, cheese, yogurt or even the eggs. Try not to add mayonnaise.

The most important thing of being vegan is not eating anything related to the animal. Therefore, you can eat anything you want without even thinking about healthy foods or not healthy foods. Not all vegans become vegans because they want to be healthy. However, they want to protect animals.