Bonzi Buddy Known As Spyware

If you love to do many things on your computer and need help to manage all downloads, telling you latest news; you should know about Bonzi Buddy. Maybe you will love to see the mascot and how the software helping you. However, some people hate it because it is like spyware on people’s computer. Why is it like spyware and Trojan on the computer? You can see it below.

How Bonzi Buddy Known As Spyware And Trojan In Computer

Many people love the mascot of the software because it is cute and funny. You will see the purple gorilla that acts like a baby gorilla and will amuse you if you need. However, many people hate the software as well because it is like spyware that stealing all the information and data of the users. I do not know whether the software taking the data and information of users for managing downloads and other duty or not. However, it is annoying and often detects as Trojan or spyware on the computer. Maybe it is one of the reasons why Bonzi Buddy discontinued in 2004. Even you cannot find the official website of the software anymore because it is disappeared in 2008. Many people who love the software and mascot feel sad about this fact. They need to know the development of this software if it still exists.

Well, if you love this software and the mascot; you will get all about the software and the mascot on the other website page even though you cannot see the official website page anymore. So, that is it. You can visit the website for this software here: Bonzi Buddy. There are many fun facts about the software and mascot there. You will love to read the information and see the mascot. You may tell this to your friends who love Bonzi too.