Best White Shrimp Indonesia Products

White shrimp has become Indonesia’s main export commodity. The demand for white shrimp is more from the Japanese market, America, and even Europe continues to increase. This is an opportunity that should not be abandoned by the white shrimp supplier. in addition to the potential market stretch for export abroad, certainly, the quality of the shrimp products must also be maintained to get the best product before being exported to the destination countries. So that the shrimp product will not be disappointing and the customer will keep buying the shrimp.

The Indonesian White Shrimp Supplier Product

For white shrimp supplier, the market of shrimp will be challenging for there are other types of imported shrimps. However, Indonesia white shrimp has several advantages: which the shrimp is relatively good growth by relying on the low protein content of the feed that is in the range of 28 – 33%. They can have faster growth if maintained with a traditional cultivation or semi-intensive system. In addition, this shrimp can be used as broodstock in the age of 6 months or at the weight of 30-40 grams. Then, this white shrimp more utilize detritus, so that automatically the production cost of business will be more efficient. From the market side, white shrimp are demanded more in the export market. The other advantage that is already well-known is the shrimp is more resistant to disease, besides the taste is better than vannamei shrimp.

There are many of the advantages of Indonesia white shrimp. For Indonesia suppliers, this will be an opportunity to fill the export market demand. However, this opportunity should be maintained by the good care of good cultivation to get best white shrimp product. The Indonesian suppliers should use the opportunity not only for the local market but also for abroad market. You can have your additional articles on this topic at