Best Sleep Position for Your Health

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Health lifeOur body condition at night which is tired after doing many activities in the day shows that our body has spent so much energy. That’s why we need to have enough rest at night as soon as possible. There is no doubt that our body needs to rest. You may be able to work for hours without rest. However, your body may get very tired because you force it too much. When it comes to rest at night, sleeping is surely the best one to do to rest our body.

This Is the Best Sleep Position for Your Health

When we are talking about sleeping, there are actually some of the best positions that you can choose for the best of your health. The first position is sprawl with both of your hands on each side of your body. This position is very good for our body, especially for our back and neck. However, it is better to avoid using too many pillows when we are sleeping in this position because it may make your neck to bend and it may also lead you to snore as you sleep. On the other hand, this position is not recommended for those who have a fat body because it may lead them to have sleep apnea.

Then, there is another sprawl position with your arm above your head. This position is known as starfish. This position is reported to be nice on our back. It will help us to reduce face wrinkle as well. However, similar to the first position, this position is able to make you snore. Afterwards, you can also make your body face the bed. This position is good to fix your digestion system. To make you be able to breathe, you must tilt your face to one side or another.