Best DC Comics Crossover

As a fan of DC, you must know that free DC comics download for crossover episode is really important! You can download your favorite DC Comics for free. A crossover episode is fun, thrilling, and interesting. We know that you won’t miss all of the episodes.

Free DC Comics Download

When it comes to free DC Comics download, you must know the best DC crossover episodes. Not only the best, but those two are also the most popular ones.

  1. Multiversity

Multiversity is a crossover episode of The New 52. Grant Morrison is the man behind the Multiversity story. He proposes a concept of the Multiverse in DC universe. This episode is a limited series. The crossover focuses on the introduction of the new villain in DC universe who is The Gentry. He is also knowns as the Empty Hand. This malevolent destroyer is drawn to the DC world with his broken dreams of the DC superheroes characters in many DC universes. Since he wants to control DC universe, many heroes force to team up together so they can attack this villain.  This is a brilliant idea of crossover since Grant Morrison write each one-shot more specific. Every Earth in the Multiverse has to deal with this villain. Morrison and the team work hard for the introduction part so the crossover event in the Multiverse seems real and understandable.


  1. Crisis on Infinite Earths

This crossover episode is also a DC classic one. There are multiple Earth in DC universe. Each Earth has its own superhero. This episode is about many various heroes in DC universe have to team up to prevent the chaos in all of their worlds. There are some heroes fell in battle. Some heroes are not coming back to this Earth. It is an interesting story that explores the development of each hero.

Those two titles are free DC comics download that you need to read.