Bentonite Clay For Treating Acne

How to get rid of acne? You can use bentonite clay. Not many people know in developing countries, but in the modern countries, they use bentonite clay for treating the acne for centuries. It actually feels so weird to have clay in your face, but it actually not a usual clay. It is the bentonite clay which contain therapeutic value which is is good for the skin, especially for treating the acne. The clay is actually made from with good minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, and also potassium. This clay is formed in a volcanic ash and you add water to it, it will give the negative electrical charge. This electrical charge is actually a strong one. Since the acne is actually have a positif electrical charge, so this clay will finally neutralize the acne and will cure it eventually.

How To Get Rid Of Acne With Bentonite Clay

How to get rid of acne with bentonite clay? You can actually rub it in your face and spread it evenly through all the surfaces of your face. Leave it for a moment and if you think is enough you can wash it and clean it with water. It is also good to rub alcohol to your face since it also clean your face from bacteria and it helps to remove acne effectively. You can actually find this clay anywhere in the store all you have to do is browse on the internet or you can search through the market all by yourself.

There are actually many products contain the bentonite clay in the market. It usually made in a form of mask. To make the mask, you just have to combine and mix half of tablespoon of bentonite clay with enough water and make a mask from it. Apply it on your face, and leave it for about 15 minutes. Wash off after that, and your skin will shine everyday without acne problem. So, if you ask, how to get rid of acne? You can use bentonite as a mask twice a week.