Benefits of Canned Foods

Some people still think that canned food is less nutritious than fresh or even frozen foods. And some people think that canned food contain harmful ingredients and we can’t eat them. However, this is not true. Carbs, protein, and fat that are in canned food are not affected by the process. This also same with vitamins and minerals that contain in canned foods. Therefore, you can still eat canned foods happily. Below is our recommendation of canned foods.

Best Canned Foods

The first canned food that you can eat is canned seafood. It can be canned salmon, tuna, or sardine. These fishes are packed with omega 3 fatty acids. This can help you to protect your heart from heart chronic disease. It can also maintain eyesight, keep joints mobile, elevate mood, and boost brain power. Many health experts recommend us to eating at least two servings of fresh/frozen/canned fish or seafood every week. And now we recommend you canned fish since you don’t have to cook them! Moreover, there are many choices too! Fishes are also good sources of protein, vitamins, and many more nutrients. You can use canned salmon as the patty for your burger or sandwich. Or you can also use tuna as pasta dish or salad topper.

The second canned food is canned beans. This canned food is one of the most popular and convenient canned food. You need to store this canned food in your kitchen. Beans are one of the veggies which contain antioxidants, protein, iron, and potassium. A study shows that eating beans regularly can help us to reduce the risk of heart disease. It can also very helpful to manage your waistline. You can eat 3 cans of canned beans every week. How to use them? You can add them to cream soup, burrito bowl, or turkey chili. You can also add beans to your sandwich and add mayo too.