What If Your Baby Got Fever

It is ok and not really a big problem if it is you who got fever and it is the common fever. However, what if your baby who got fever? Not only sad, but also worry what will happen to your baby later. Do not be panic, mom, and dad. You could take care of your baby well even though you are away from the hospital or doctor. Do the several things below to do the first aid for your baby fever.

How to Heal the Fever of Your Beloved Baby

Anything can happen to your baby. As parents, you should be ready for every possibility. So, see the several ways to heal fever from baby here:

  1. You should make sure the room of your baby is comfortable and fresh.
  2. Give him or her the comfortable thin cloths.
  3. Give the baby more fresh water to drink.
  4. Take the baby out of the room and get fresh air but do not too long. You can ask about this to the doctor.
  5. Give the baby coconut oil to the body skin.
  6. Warm compress

So, those are several things you can do to help your baby with fever. Actually there are more ways to heal the baby from fever; however, you can try the ways above first. Then, the next day you can bring the baby to doctor to get the proper medicine to heal the fever. Ok, maybe the case of fever is common in babies; however, you should not take it so easy. It can be dangerous if you do not care about the condition of your baby. If the baby grows older; you can give him or her the chicken soup. Then, you can let him or her play as usual to make him or she feel fresh and not bored on the bed. Thus, that is all. You can love your kids even more.