Amazing Jewelry Boxes You Should Have

People collect different things, it can be books, shoes, bags, high-heels, and jewelry. Yup, jewelry. There is something magical about jewelry that can make our outfit more stunning. Don’t let your sparkly jewelry getting damaged or even lose if you don’t store them carefully inside a box. Make it a habit that every time after you hear that specific jewelry, directly put them back in their box. That way will save a lot of time because you don’t have to look for it in a rush before attending a party. If you are a newbie at this whole DIY jewelry box, we will take you there!

Simple And Low-Budget DIY Jewelry Box

There is various jewelry box you can find in a shop, the price depends on the materials and design. Let’s forget the ones in the shop and start to make a DIY jewelry box all by yourself. Maybe you have no idea how to get started and lack of inspiration, don’t worry we will help you out. The lists of the jewelry box ideas are listed below:

  • Compartmentalized jewelry box

This super useful jewelry box has drawers and dividers enable you to put your accessories based on the function. Feel free to decorate it as you please. You can paint it with bright color, cover it with a floral printed paper wrap or any patter you love. Go get yourself a glue, paper cutter, paper wrap, and cardboard.

  • Chocolate box jewelry organizer

Are you a fan of chocolate? Have a ridiculously amount of empty chocolate box in your home? That’s great! Don’t toss them into the bin. Instead, you can use it as a jewelry holder. All you need is a little creativity to decor it.

As you can see above, your jewelry box doesn’t have to be expansive. Your creativity, time, and effort are all you need to make an amazing DIY jewelry box. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost you a penny! Thank you for reading this, have a good day!