6 Healthy Tips for Office Workers

Doing work to get money to continue life is important. But it is also important to keep your body healthy to do work with maximum result. For you who work in the office and for you who work with PC or laptop most of the time, you need to read these healthy tips. These tips will help you to maintain your whole-body part in while you need to work in front of your laptop or PC all the time.

Do These Acts and Your Body Will be Alright

People who sit too much, and work in front of their laptop all the time will experience some drop in functioning some body parts. The eye is the definite example. Your eyes are forced to look at the PC monitor all the times and it will get tired so easily. As time goes by, this will lead to eye’s abnormal function and for the worst case you might be blind. This is only one example of the functional dropping of body parts. So, check these tips to prevent that to happen.

  1. Set the distance between you and your monitor.

You should adjust the distance between your eyes and the monitor to protect the eyes. 30 cm minimum of distance will be good.

  1. Set an alarm per-hour

Once per-hour, set an alarm for it. If you sit and look at the monitor for an hour without even stopping your body will feel numb, especially the leg and the neck. So, you need to do walking or simply stretch your muscles per-hour to loosen up a little bit.

  1. Drink mineral water

Mineral water indeed an important part of life. Drink mineral water regularly and you will be fine.

  1. Adjust display brightness

Adjusting the display brightness also protect your eyes from damage. So, adjust as low as possible as long as you have clear sight of the monitor.

  1. Blink often

Blinking also helps you to prevent damage to the eyes. So, blink often to get your eyes protected.