3 Tasty Canned Mackerel Recipes

As someone who loves trying a new experiment in cooking, I would like to turn canned mackerel into some tasty menu that enough to make you drooling. If you are on my side, but lack of ideas how to cook the best-canned mackerel, don’t worry. We will share some secret ideas for you only. Don’t tell anyone, ok? Let’s move to the next paragraph for some mackerel menu ideas.

How To Cook The Best Canned Mackerel?

This small fish is consumed everywhere around the world due to its deliciousness and the health benefits contained in it. Fresh mackerel to canned mackerel, they both are healthy and deserve an endless thank you for existing in this world. Therefore, there are some ways to make a great canned mackerel cooking, you can add to your diet menu as well:

  • Mackerel stew

Are you craving for a tasty food to warm you inside? Let’s try the mackerel stew. How to make it? Make a mixture of 15 ounces of undrained mackerel, some pieces of onion and potatoes, a can of tomato soup, seasoning, and add sufficient amount of water. Boil it over a medium heat and allow it to slimmer. Enjoy!

  • Mackerel salad with orange

Treat yourself to a delicious salad by adding at least 8.5 ounces of mackerel. Mix up all ingredients and enjoy it before you step outside.

  • Japanese Rice Bowl

Have you not been eating Asian meals for ages? It’s time to make one! All you need is to mix 2/3 cup of teriyaki sauce, the zest and lemon juice, and a crushed garlic. Prepare mackerel and brush the mixture on top of each mackerel. Cook for about 2 minutes each side over the medium heat. And voila! Your tummy will be happy.

Can’t wait to start your experience with mackerel in the kitchen? Let’s grab all the ingredients and put your creativity into it. Happy cooking and enjoy your meal! For related posts and more information about mackerel products, kindly click www.mackerelcannedfish.com.