2018 Toyota Proace As The Excellent New Van

Toyota Proace USA is the newest series of Proace. Before that, there are some series of Proace that have been released. The latest one which is released in 2016 has outstanding design and concept. Then, Toyota comes again with to offer the new Proace. Is the new Proace as excellent as its predecessor? Here are the short details on the new Toyota Proace.

Get A New Toyota Proace In 2018

If you like Proace, so you will know what makes the Toyota Proace becomes the best van. From the latest version, the Proace has been caught more consumer. To compare, here are the new things from 2018 Toyota Proace USA:

  • New Design

For the first thing that can be seen for the new Proace is its design. Actually, there will be not too much different from its predecessor. From the exterior, the new Proace has not different in term of body line with the previous one. What makes it is different is the sharper shape and details of the light. Moreover, the door will be different. In the new one, you will get four-door sedans rather that hatchback door.


  • New Performance

From latest predecessor, the Proace has three engine models. There is a basic model, green transmission, and also diesel engine. For the basic model, it has been built in 2.0 liter with 6 speed of gear. Secondly, the green transmission of the Proace has two excellent models with 6 to 0 liter of internal transmission. For the last, there is the best performance engine with diesel power engine. Different from these features, the new Proace will have greater and higher engine performance.


  • New Price

Since there are different release year and different features, the new Toyota Proace USA has a higher price than its predecessor. It has been expected that the new Proace offers start from $14.835.